All Access Living - Los Angeles

The new Ritz-Carlton Residences located in the heart of Los Angeles' vibrant LA Live


  • Regular, yet fancy CONTACT FORM
  • FLOOR PLANS, a project within a project
    • Every single plan is based on CSS - NO Flash involved
    • Multiple sections are updated at the same time once the button is clicked ()
    • Drop Down (both of them) are loaded dynamically
  • Regular LighBox reading the images dynamically
  • Flash Flipping Book - kudos to the person who programmed it. It was pretty easy for me to apply all the changes that were wanted by the Client
  • Bunch of language versions

Language selection: only English version has all kind of info, images, videos etc; other languages go straight to the E-Brochure presented in selected language

Regular contact form

Floorplan piece; This was a separate project within a project

I had a dillema about the floorplan map (south-west of the screenshot) - which technic would be better: either Flash or a regular CSS. The latter won, so I coded bunch of over-crossing HREF elements giving the smooth mouse-over effect at the end

There were two ways of searching the dream apartment, and they were interchangeable; certain map was shown (south-west) upon a drop-down menu selection and the sub-menu was served on the fly (section above the floorplan map)

Inevitable Lightbox-like gallery - client wants, client gets!

One main part of the site was the E-Brochure - a book-like, mouse-activated script. As the main site was covered only in English, this very part was translated into 4 other languages, constituting 5 (4 lang. + EN) different PHP feeds. The AS script (Flash's Action Script) used was a ready-to-go and off-shelf software, nevertheless I needed to use my Flash skills to understand the scripting and then bend it to its final form

E-Brochure example A - in Spanish

E-Brochure example B - English

E-Brochure example C - Chinese (Mandarin)

  • Skills used:
  • coder
  • programmer
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