Coo-ee Art

Coo-ee Art, a Sydney based Gallery of Indigenous Art asked me to build a Wish List for their users, once the original programmer couldn't be available anymore.

Because there was nothing like a Membership Area, the Wish List couldn't be based on a database. So I had to come up with some other solution

I based everything on a PHP array which is stored inside a session during the visit of a customer. All you need to do now is clicking "Add to Favourite" link and the script I wrote immediately stores an item inside the session. Once the session is initiated, a yellow-ish star pops-up in the top-right corner of the page

Another task was to save the wish list somehow. I found a simple solution to that as well. The whole list is simply sent as an email with the link to "My Favourite" section inside it. When clicked, the session in the page is initiated automatically with all the favourites available


This was a simple page when you can order a book by Adrian Newstead.

The script calculates number of books, their type, destination - whether local or international, shipment fees and the total amount. All based on the information from the database. The user is then taken to PayPal checkout when s/he can finalize the transaction

  • Skills used:
  • programmer
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