Induction Panel

This Project allowed me to upgrade my MySQL skills significantly and learn bunch of useful things.

The Induction Panel allows an employer to assign an employee or a contractor a set of courses and tests to perform. Each inductee can complete them at his own convenient time. After successful completion a Certificate can be printed out. Each Certificate is by default valid for a period of twelve months.


  • Two panels: Admin and User (different panels can be added if requested)
  • Each course can be delivered in a format of online Screens or a PDF file
  • A test can be set for each course
  • Many courses can be groupped under a Program and thus assigned to the User with one click only
  • Auto-reminders (via email) for assigned contractors who haven't yet started a course (after 14 days)
  • Expiring Certificate email auto-reminder (2 weeks prior expiration date)
  • jQuery search populating a query on the fly
  • Reports exported in .csv format

Main View, listing all the Inductees and their status (not started, in progress or completed). The X in front of the name indicates the Induction is already past due. Cron Job's script checks every day's date against expriring inductions and auto sends emails one day before due date. Another Cron checks if the course has been started and if the status still flash as "not started" after 14 days, an auto email is being sent to the User

New Users, not assigned yet to any Course / Program

Adding a new course

Upload a PDF ( or Screens ) if they were selected. For screen, scroll down

Now, since to PDF file is alredy uploaded, proceed to manage the Test

Course with updated requirements - Test and a PDF file

Assigning multiple courses to a Program while creating it

Quick edition

Other means of delivering the Course, apart from a PDF file, are the Screens, in a form of slides

They can be added/edited with a regular WYSIWYG with built-in Library for Media files

Assigning the Inductee to Courses and/or Programs

  • Skills used:
  • programmer
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