Maintenance Service Order Manager

An online panel to track and manage products in repair orders.

Main view, with all the orders listed. On the right side, shortcuts to view the details of the order, add new product to the order and edit or remove the order itself.

1. Ability to enable/disable email confirmation and text confirmation.
2. Email FROM, name, and option to set how many records should be printed on one page (pagination).
3. Copy of the email and text that is being sent to the Client.

Statuses of the product to be applied via the drop down menu.

Each change to the status is being recorded and both, the service man and the client can view the history of the changes.

Edition: here, ability to assign projected date when the product will be repaired.

Edition: here, finishing the repair and setting details of the warranty

Adding new product to the order.

Preview of the warranty. The PDF version is being created on the fly.

Sales statement. This is fully automatic, checking the dates and printing proper info in given month/year.

Client view (front-end)

  • Skills used:
  • coder
  • programmer
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