Few useful functions I have written. Feel free to redistribute.
If you mention my name and the site somewhere in your code, that would be appreciated.

Drop Down Function

Many times, while programming / coding, is really needed to use the drop down menus. We all know that merely listing all sixty two (:)) states in the US can give us a major headache. Not mention the edition process when we need to s-o-m-e-h-o-w figure out what State or what other Option was chosen in the first place.

So, I have written two simple functions that will take this pain off of your already miserable head. Two, because one is based on an array and the other one on a database entries.

Here we go:

Swap / Switch CSS file

Ever wanted to load a different stylesheet for a season's greetings, like Catholic's MERRY CHRISTMAS, or your birthday, or 4th of July - yet still have an option to re-load the CSS back to its original state?

Here's one PHP's way of doing so:

Database operations (MySQLi)

Simple class to help you manage your database activity.

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