This system allowed me to spread my wings, merging different skills of mine at one place. This was what I was born to built { or at least I like to think it that way :) } - unique page for THE unique air carrier, Qantas.

This site is an internal, online system for Qantas V.I.P. Lounges located at the airports of Australia, Americas, Asia and Europe. Yeah, that covers the whole globe.

The purpose of it is to communicate between the lounges in order to send information about arriving VIP guests, so the Lounge is ready to welcome them with their favoured meals, drinks, books, papers etc. already prepared, while they're waiting for the flight or a connecting flight.


  • VIP's management system. Each Guest has his/her unique preferences
  • VIPs ranges from famous actors/actresses, through the singers to politicians

List of daily arrivals

Detailed view of the flight and the passenger

Guest Profiles

Personal preferences. Here: Cate Blanchet

Google-like search, powered by jQuery

Internal mailing system

  • Skills used:
  • programmer
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