The Carat Diet

I was ONLY a coder of this site, and only in the early stage of the site-building process, circa July, 2010 while kindly being hosted by my former company in Los Angeles :)

I coded the 3-column layout for both index and sub-pages. Then the whole site was taken over by a different person.

In mid-Jan 2011 I also updated few segments of the site, like the SpotLight's image numbers (vs. original programming), the background gradient and also turned the black-white-orange header from a fixed width into a 100% wide stripe.


  • All the content is being made on the fly, based on the info taken out from the Database
  • Each image is reproduced as a thumbnail with exact ratio and with the gray scale
  • Every image is clicable - taking the user to the actual estate's site

  • Skills used:
  • coder
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Python I've lately been using: