Coldwell Banker Luxury

A bigger and of course a better version of CBP California. Pretty much same functions only taken to the higher level.

Note: the working demo of this project can be accessed here:
* Main Website


  • A photoshop-like cropping has been added to the project for both big image and the thumb image allowing a better cropping, especially for the thumbnail image. As of now even the small portion of the source image can be cropped, as the opposite to the original idea where the thumb function had created equally downsized image, simply resized with the ratio. The thumb now can differ gravely from the source image.
  • Front-End's Language drop down menu for quick change of the language.

Main view, with the language drop down (CSS)

Every single image, both the main Slider and the thumbnails in the main section of the site are being displayed dynamically and are editable in the Admin Panel


As an example, I will add a missing property number 6 for Mid-Atlantic Region. Fill out the information and upload an image.

Image has been uploaded; This one will be saved as a large slider and it's up to the Admin what part of it will be cropped

Thumbail. By increasing the cropping window and moving it accross the base image Admin has a full control over the final look of the thumbnail. Once the position and size of the cropping tool is locked - everything else is good to go!

Both slider image and its thumbnail have been successfully uploaded, the info about the property has been stored in the database.

Site has been updated. The front page displays now the updated 6th property: The silder A, the thumb B and the destination URL C

  • Skills used:
  • coder
  • programmer
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