Upload System

Upload system that allows file uploading via HTTP protocol without necessity of having FTP access.

This was a two-way system allowing clients to upload their files for the ad agency also leave instructions etc, and then the ad agency to grab the uploaded files.

The Upload System was developed to make file exchanged between a company and their clients available - not everybody is familiar with FTP clients, and sending large files over the net might be very frustrating. The system was programmed to handle files in up to 30MB.

Company view. Upon log in, the user (company's employee) can see a list of all Clients and the files they uploaded. Folders with no file in it are rendered gray, while folders with the files are rendered in colour, displaying number of uploaded files

When a Client uploads a file, s/he can also attach a brief info about the file itself

Clients' edition

My company's users and their edition options

Standard option for almost all of my CMS - set settings

  • Skills used:
  • coder
  • designer
  • programmer
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